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Currently, angular-bootstrap is installable via bower and nuget. Would be great to register package in registry at to let it be installed via npm install angular-ui-bootstrap

@indeyets well, sounds like a reasonable request, but we are already struggling a bit to get all the repos synchronized... Darn, there are way to many package formats / package managers for JavaScript....

What we could quickly do for now is to add package.json to the repo and publish npm package from those files.

@indeyets would you be up to opening a pull request?
@ajoslin something to take into account while working on the build-related items.

Nope, since it doesn't have build results

Angular is now on NPM please add this as well


jsdevel commented Nov 4, 2014


thomasfr commented Nov 6, 2014

👍 would be great!

isery commented Nov 6, 2014


gmickel commented Nov 6, 2014

would be perfect!


pagrit commented Nov 7, 2014


Indeed it would be great.
NPM is really slow sometimes but it can be locally and easily mirrored which increases a lot the install performances. As bower is damn slow too but cannot be mirrored ... people are turning back to the initial NPM usage instead of bower's. I personnaly left bower for this reason, and I think I am not the only one. That is why I think it is more relevant to maintain an NPM registry, instead of a bower's one.

But it is just my opinion.

What about this PR : angular-ui/bootstrap-bower#36 ?

An alternative workaround : (using a git repo that has no package.json)

It looks like angular-bootstrap is in npmjs now. Unfortunately, it only contains the sources, not the generated concat/tpl etc.

The angular-bootstrap package was unpublished from npm this morning, is it coming back?

Where did angular-bootstrap on NPM go? Was this managed by Angular UI team? Causing some issues for us!

For anyone looking for a temporary workaround, I posted a (possibly out of date) version here:

You can point your package.json to it until a working NPM package is online. You can of course do the same for a version that you need.


maxkorp commented Dec 15, 2014

Was this unpublished because it didn't contain sources? I'd be happy to make a pull request with adjustments so that it can automatically publish with the built sources using a prepublish script.


maxkorp commented Dec 15, 2014

Submitted a PR that pre-compiles and makes sure the files are available to npm (they were being ignored due to the gitignore, since there was no npmignore).

I'm guessing it was unpublished because the publisher doesnt seem (from what I can tell) to have any affiliation with angular-ui or ui-bootstrap?

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fix travis #44


Two arguments:

  • Blocks usage in enterprise environments using npm integration with Nexus or Artifactory (neither supports Bower).
  • Many developers are already using npm for client-side package management, and the npm team has stated they'll be focusing efforts on this concern.

maxkorp commented Jan 8, 2015

I submitted a PR, but it seems the issue is with how angular-ui publishing is handled. See my comments here: #3108
I'll file an issue in the publisher repo, and i (or someone else) can hopefully get that up and running asap.


maxkorp commented Jan 8, 2015

leon commented Jan 12, 2015

@ProLoser I took control over angular-bootstrap on npm and added ProLoser and christopherthielen to the owners list, so now we can have the same name in bower as in npm.

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Switch ui-bootstrap back to npm #64

Looks like angular-bootstrap on npm is 0.13.0-SNAPSHOT, even though the package.json lists the version as 0.12.0.


chrisirhc commented Mar 26, 2015

Note to self/maintainers refer to angular/angular.js#10732

@chrisirhc chrisirhc added this to the Backlog milestone Mar 26, 2015


wesleycho commented Mar 28, 2015

We definitely should look to try to tackle this sometime soon.


rvanbaalen commented Mar 28, 2015

@wesleycho Added feature for 0.14?


wesleycho commented Mar 28, 2015

We might want to think about doing this after 0.13.0 is out, and add support for CommonJS.


BobbieBarker commented Mar 28, 2015

I agree with Wesley
On Mar 27, 2015 9:42 PM, "Wesley Cho" wrote:

We might want to think about doing this after 0.13.0 is out, and add
support for CommonJS.

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goldcaddy77 commented Apr 12, 2015

All, more than happy to help out tackling this problem if you need more hands.


wesleycho commented Jul 22, 2015

This is now published to npm.

@wesleycho wesleycho closed this Jul 22, 2015

B3nCr commented Oct 19, 2015

It's not clear which npm package to install.

angular-ui-bootstrap is out of date and has version 0.13.4
angular-bootstrap is even further behind 0.12.1

Has NPM support been stopped or am I installing the wrong package?

B3nCr commented Oct 19, 2015

Okay, it's clear what to install now i've found

npm install angular-ui-bootstrap has installed the latest version after I deleted the other packages named above..

I, perhaps incorrectly, assumed that npm install angular-ui-bootstrap would update me to the latest version.


icfantv commented Oct 19, 2015

@B3nCr, I believe the instructions you are seeking are here.

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