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AngularJS ui-select Build Status Gitter PRs Welcome

AngularJS-native version of Select2 and Selectize.

Getting Started

Latest Changes


  • Search, Select, Multi-select and Tagging
  • Multiple Themes: Bootstrap, Select2 and Selectize
  • Keyboard support
  • No jQuery required (except for old browsers)
  • Small code base: 4.57KB min/gzipped vs 20KB for select2

For the roadmap, check issue #3 and the Wiki page.

Installation Methods


$ npm install ui-select


$ bower install angular-ui-select


Prepare your environment

  • Install Node.js and NPM (should come with)
  • Install global dev dependencies: npm install -g gulp
  • Install local dev dependencies: npm install in repository directory

Development Commands

  • gulp to jshint, build and test
  • gulp build to jshint and build
  • gulp test for one-time test with karma (also build and jshint)
  • gulp watch to watch src files to jshint, build and test when changed
  • gulp docs build docs and examples


When issuing a pull request, please exclude changes from the "dist" folder to avoid merge conflicts.