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mcescalante and gdi2290 chore: Bump angular to 4+, update year to 2017, HTML output for build…
… via webpack (#158)

* bumping angular versions, updated year to 2017

* added html output for webpack on build

* removed script tag to avoid loading zone/script twice

* bump angular to 4+, bump other dependencies, update webpack config
Latest commit 1f7ed58 Jul 17, 2017


A simple starter project demonstrating the basic concepts of Angular 2.


  • Clone or fork this repository
  • Make sure you have node.js installed version 5+
  • Make sure you have NPM installed version 3+
  • WINDOWS ONLY run npm install -g webpack webpack-dev-server typescript to install global dependencies
  • run npm install to install dependencies
  • run npm start to fire up dev server
  • open browser to http://localhost:3000
  • if you want to use other port, open package.json file, then change port in --port 3000 script