Standalone update tool for updating Angular CDK and Material
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Angular Material 5.x to 6.0 updater tool

Outdated: This repository won't be updated anymore. Future major releases for Angular Material will also have an upgrade tool that can be used in Angular CLI projects by running ng update @angular/material


npm i -g angular-material-updater

Note: Running this tool with Angular Material versions higher than 5.2.4 will not work. The updater tool requires type information from the outdated 5.x API. The upgrade to the latest version of Angular Material should happen after running the tool.


Run the mat-updater command to update your project. The updater tool will attempt to automatically fix issues that it can and report issues that can't be automatically fixed. The tool may not catch 100% of the issues, but it should help get most of the way there. The fixes applied by the tool also may not be perfect. For example it may rename a symbol resulting in an invalid import. If you want to run the tool and just detect issues without trying to fix them, you can do so by specifying --fix=false.

# Show the help for the tool
mat-updater --help

# Run the tool to update prefixes
mat-updater -p path/to/project/tsconfig.json

# Run the tool to update prefixes with additional style
# files not referenced by an Angular component, where --extra-css
# accepts a glob pointing to the style files
mat-updater -p path/to/project/tsconfig.json --extra-css 'custom/**/*.css' 

# Run the tool to but don't automatically change anything
mat-updater -p path/to/project/tsconfig.json --fix=false

After running the tool

  1. Update the packages below if you are using them:
    npm i @angular/cdk@latest
    npm i @angular/material@latest
    npm i @angular/material-moment-adapter@latest
  2. Address any issues that were reported by mat-updater but unable to be automatically fixed.
  3. Try to build your app and fix any issues that show up (e.g. bad imports).