Python module to work with JSON files created by WebPlotDigitizer
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Python module to work with JSON files created by WebPlotDigitizer


Working with CSV files generated by WebPlotDigitizer is quite easy, but when there are multiple sets of data in a plot, it becomes a little tedious to work with multiple CSV files. Also many times, we want to fetch axes calibration data or exact pixel location of data points which can not be exported to CSV files. JSON files generated by WebPlotDigitizer contain all of this information in a single file, but importing these files in Python is a little tricky. Many users are not familiar with JSON files and find it difficult to work with these files.

This Python module is intended to provide an easy access to the data stored in the JSON file. In the future, I would also like to include common analysis functions (e.g. combine data from errors bars stored in different data sets).


This code is at a very initial stage right now. I will update this README with details soon.


If you would like to add to this code, then please feel free to send a pull request or email me personally. Any help is appreciated!

What about R?

I would like to work on a similar R script/package soon. If you want to help, then let me know.