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A better tracker for the Washington State Ferry System

An alternative to the WSDOT mobile app. With Ferry FYI, you get:

Polished, modern UI with dark mode support

🔮 Forecasted sailing fullness

More accurate delay reporting

📢 Filtered WSF bulletins

📷 Traffic cameras: ordered, tagged, and enhanced

⛴️ Supports all WSF routes

🗺️ Shortcuts to VesselWatch

🎫 Link to reserve sailings

Setting up dev environment

  1. Install postgres
    1. Create a database named ferryfyi (CREATE DATABASE ferryfyi;)
  2. git clone
  3. cd
  4. yarn
  5. cp .envrc.sample .envrc and fill out .envrc file (use direnv or similar to populate variables)
  6. yarn db:migrate to initialize database

Running locally

  1. Run yarn client
  2. Run yarn server (in another terminal)
  3. Go to http://localhost:4040

Android testing

Physical device

  1. Plug device into Windows via compatible cable
  2. Run adb tcpip 5555 on Windows
  3. Run adb connect <phone ip>:5555 in WSL
  4. Run adb reverse tcp:4040 tcp:4040 in WSL
  5. Run npm run start:android to load app onto phone


  1. Install WSA
  2. Enable Developer Mode in WSA Settings
  3. Open any WSA app
  4. Run adb connect <WSA ip from settings page>
  5. Run npm run start:android to load app into WSA or run app from Android Studio

Android Release

  1. Run frontend build yarn build:android
  2. Update versionCode and versionName in android/app/build.gradle
  3. Launch Android Studio studio
  4. Install all the updates
  5. Click Sync Project with Gradle Files
  6. Build > Rebuild Project
  7. Build > Generate Signed Bundle(s) / APK(s)
  8. Select Signed App Bundle
  9. Enter key store passwords
  10. Select Release
  11. Open Google Play Console
  12. Upload to Internal testing > Create new release
  13. Enter Release Notes
  14. Save
  15. Review Release
  16. Start rollout to Internal testing
  17. TEST IT
  18. Internal testing > {new version} > Promote > Production
  19. Review Release
  20. Start rollout to Production


Thank you to BrowserStack for providing free cross-browser testing.


A better tracker for the Washington State Ferry System







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