uses primitive markov chains to simulate a hyperborian
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Getting started

  1. Get the source
  • git clone;cd hyperbot
  1. install stuff
  • npm install
  1. copy over the default config and edit it to suit your tastes
  • cp sample.config.agml config.agml
  1. start it up!
  • node hyperbot.js

How the conf works

As the extension suggests, this is AGML. Each block is delimited by a starting and ending ---, and can be used to define a new network.

At present, the relevant variables are:

  • name
    • a human readable name for the network to which your bot should connect
  • network
    • the url of the network to which your bot should connect
  • nick
    • the nick your bot will use on this network
  • prefix
    • the prefix character that your bot should respond to on this network
  • channels
    • the channels that your bot should attempt to join on this network
  • db
    • the path to the leveldb database to use for this instance of the bot on this network
  • drop
    • what characters should be dropped from the end of a nick
  • debug
    • enable debugging in the irc module
  • floodProtection
    • keep your bot from flooding the channel
    • set to true to enable
  • floodProtectionDelay
    • flood delay, default 1000
  • ignore
    • for users you want to ignore for the purposes of the 'feds' command, and potentially other commands in the future
    • separate users with commas
  • plugins
    • list out the names of the plugins you want to load on a per-network basis
    • separate plugins with commas
    • at this point, valid plugins include:
      • mimic, help, feds, slap

What the bot does

  • ~mimic
  • ~help