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xmlquery is an XPath query package for XML documents, allowing you to extract data or evaluate from XML documents with an XPath expression.

xmlquery has a built-in query object caching feature that caches recently used XPATH query strings. Enabling caching can avoid recompile XPath expression for each query.

Change Logs


  • Add XML stream loading and parsing support.


  • Add XPath query caching.


  • Add new methods compatible with invalid XPath expression error: QueryAll and Query.
  • Add QuerySelector and QuerySelectorAll methods, support for reused query objects.
  • PR #12 (Thanks @FrancescoIlario)
  • PR #11 (Thanks @gjvnq)


  • Added XML output including comment nodes. #9


  • Added support to attribute name with namespace prefix and XML output. #6


 $ go get

Getting Started

Find specified XPath query.

list, err := xmlquery.QueryAll(doc, "a")
if err != nil {

Parse an XML from URL.

doc, err := xmlquery.LoadURL("")

Parse an XML from string.

s := `<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><rss version="2.0"></rss>`
doc, err := xmlquery.Parse(strings.NewReader(s))

Parse an XML from io.Reader.

f, err := os.Open("../books.xml")
doc, err := xmlquery.Parse(f)

Parse an XML in a stream fashion (simple case without elements filtering).

f, err := os.Open("../books.xml")
p, err := xmlquery.CreateStreamParser(f, "/bookstore/book")
for {
	n, err := p.Read()
	if err == io.EOF {
	if err != nil {

Parse an XML in a stream fashion (simple case advanced element filtering).

f, err := os.Open("../books.xml")
p, err := xmlquery.CreateStreamParser(f, "/bookstore/book", "/bookstore/book[price>=10]")
for {
	n, err := p.Read()
	if err == io.EOF {
	if err != nil {

Find authors of all books in the bookstore.

list := xmlquery.Find(doc, "//book//author")
// or
list := xmlquery.Find(doc, "//author")

Find the second book.

book := xmlquery.FindOne(doc, "//book[2]")

Find all book elements and only get id attribute. (New Feature)

list := xmlquery.Find(doc,"//book/@id")

Find all books with id bk104.

list := xmlquery.Find(doc, "//book[@id='bk104']")

Find all books with price less than 5.

list := xmlquery.Find(doc, "//book[price<5]")

Evaluate total price of all books.

expr, err := xpath.Compile("sum(//book/price)")
price := expr.Evaluate(xmlquery.CreateXPathNavigator(doc)).(float64)
fmt.Printf("total price: %f\n", price)

Evaluate number of all book elements.

expr, err := xpath.Compile("count(//book)")
price := expr.Evaluate(xmlquery.CreateXPathNavigator(doc)).(float64)


Find() vs QueryAll(), which is better?

Find and QueryAll both do the same thing: searches all of matched XML nodes. Find panics if provided with an invalid XPath query, while QueryAll returns an error.

Can I save my query expression object for the next query?

Yes, you can. We provide QuerySelector and QuerySelectorAll methods; they accept your query expression object.

Caching a query expression object avoids recompiling the XPath query expression, improving query performance.

Create XML document.

doc := &xmlquery.Node{
	Type: xmlquery.DeclarationNode,
	Data: "xml",
	Attr: []xml.Attr{
		xml.Attr{Name: xml.Name{Local: "version"}, Value: "1.0"},
root := &xmlquery.Node{
	Data: "rss",
	Type: xmlquery.ElementNode,
doc.FirstChild = root
channel := &xmlquery.Node{
	Data: "channel",
	Type: xmlquery.ElementNode,
root.FirstChild = channel
title := &xmlquery.Node{
	Data: "title",
	Type: xmlquery.ElementNode,
title_text := &xmlquery.Node{
	Data: "W3Schools Home Page",
	Type: xmlquery.TextNode,
title.FirstChild = title_text
channel.FirstChild = title
// <?xml version="1.0"?><rss><channel><title>W3Schools Home Page</title></channel></rss>

Quick Tutorial

import (

func main(){
	s := `<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<rss version="2.0">
  <title>W3Schools Home Page</title>
  <description>Free web building tutorials</description>
    <title>RSS Tutorial</title>
    <description>New RSS tutorial on W3Schools</description>
    <title>XML Tutorial</title>
    <description>New XML tutorial on W3Schools</description>

	doc, err := xmlquery.Parse(strings.NewReader(s))
	if err != nil {
	channel := xmlquery.FindOne(doc, "//channel")
	if n := channel.SelectElement("title"); n != nil {
		fmt.Printf("title: %s\n", n.InnerText())
	if n := channel.SelectElement("link"); n != nil {
		fmt.Printf("link: %s\n", n.InnerText())
	for i, n := range xmlquery.Find(doc, "//item/title") {
		fmt.Printf("#%d %s\n", i, n.InnerText())

List of supported XPath query packages

Name Description
htmlquery XPath query package for HTML documents
xmlquery XPath query package for XML documents
jsonquery XPath query package for JSON documents


Please let me know if you have any questions