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Keka v1.1.5

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@aonez aonez released this 01 Nov 10:53
· 1887 commits to master since this release
  • Removed the pop up asking for file access when starting Keka without any bookmark
  • Fixed missing toolbar icons in MAS version #288
  • Fixed infinite bucle while operating with two or more files (Thanks to @zdlo) #267
  • Fixed detection of special paths in the Drag and Drop area (10.12+)
  • Fixed performance of tarball handling
  • Fixed possible crash when migratin from 1.0.0-1.0.1 versions (Thanks to @Skoti) #304
  • Checking custom path availability (Thanks to @akrabu) #220
  • Using common path when compressing multiple files from different sources
  • Improved tarball extraction progress
  • Detecting .framework as packages when renaming the extraction
  • Prevented fail/overwrite when compressing multiple files with the same name from different sources
  • Preventing accidental compression of sandbox container
  • Preventing full screen in the Tasks and Preferences windows
  • Cleaning notifications from Notification Center when quitting Keka
  • Added Blu-ray sizes to the split combo (Thanks to Bruce) #289
  • Added Norwegian Bokmål translation (Thanks to Patrick Sletvold) #298
  • French translation updated (Thanks to @ejb4u) #302
  • Fixed Italian localization (Thanks to Vincenzo and @agottardo) #309
  • Fixed German localization
  • Simplified Chinese translation updated (Thanks to @maxsky) #287 #315
  • Russian translation updated (Thanks to @NickKaramoff) #310
  • English typo fixed (Thanks to @isjamesalive) #290
  • German credits fixed (Thanks to @gerd2002) #301