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Cordova webOS

📌 Deprecation Notice

This repository is deprecated and no more work will be done on this by Apache Cordova. You can continue to use this and it should work as-is but any future issues will not be fixed by the Cordova community.

Feel free to fork this repository and improve your fork. Existing forks are listed in Network and Forks.

Cordova webOS is a skeleton webOS application, along with JavaScript wrapper libraries, which allow a developer to build an application for an LG webOS device using web technologies. This same code can be built for iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian, and more to come ...


You should have the webOS TV SDK installed, which installs the ares-sdk-tools which are used for packaging and device installation. For a detailed step-by-step installation and setup guide, see here.

Project Management with Cordova webOS

This cordova-webos template tool includes 3 main commands to create and manage your cordova projects. Open a terminal, and navigate to the root Cordova webOS folder (where this file is located). If you don't see the node_modules folder, run npm install ., and now you all ready to use the commands:

  • bin/check_reqs - Checks to verify your system is configured for webOS build environment tools
  • bin/create <path> <appid> <appname> - Creates a new Cordova webOS project at the path you specify
  • bin/update <path> - Updates an existing project to current version of Cordova and cordova-webos utilities while leaving your code intact

Cordova Project Utilities

Included with each generated Cordova webOS project template are a set of useful tools.

  • cordova/build - Packages the application into a .ipk file (The options --debug and --no-minify will skip any minification process)
  • cordova/emulate - Starts up the webOS emulator bundled in the LG TV SDK or any other known webOS emulator
  • cordova/run - Installs and run the latest built webOS .ipk for your application on to any connected device or active emulator
  • cordova/version - Displays the version of cordova-webos that created your project template

Developing Cordova Apps

Just open the project in your favourite editor, build your web app, and run the appropriate make command indicated above. Edit appinfo.json to set your app version, etc.

Cordova-webOS fires a deviceready that guarantees all the Cordova APIs are in place. You can run your code at deviceready like so:

document.addEventListener('deviceready', function() {
    // do cool Cordova things
}, false);

The rest is just like any other webapp, with the benefit of Cordova's standardized APIs available to use.

Helpful Links