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Latest commit ec92a8a stack HBASE-15158 Change order in which we do write pipeline operations; do…
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bin HBASE-15145 HBCK and Replication should authenticate to zookepeer usi…
conf HBASE-14481 Deprecate HBase Wiki
dev-support HBASE-15195 Don't run findbugs on hbase-it; it has nothing in src/mai…
hbase-annotations HBASE-14516 categorize hadoop-compat tests
hbase-assembly HBASE-14952 ensure correct components in source assembly.
hbase-checkstyle Revert "HBASE-14902 Revert some of the stringency recently introduced…
hbase-client HBASE-15221 Reload the cache on re-tried puts in HTableMultiplexer an…
hbase-common HBASE-15177 Reduce garbage created under high load
hbase-examples HBASE-15158 HBASE-15158 Preamble 1 of 2: fix findbugs, add javadoc, c…
hbase-external-blockcache HBASE-14984 Allow memcached block cache to set optimze to false
hbase-hadoop-compat HBASE-15163 Add sampling code and metrics for get/scan/multi/mutate c…
hbase-hadoop2-compat HBASE-15163 Add sampling code and metrics for get/scan/multi/mutate c…
hbase-it HBASE-15190 Monkey dies when running on shared cluster (gives up when…
hbase-native-client HBASE-14087 Ensure correct ASF headers for docs/code
hbase-prefix-tree HBASE-12593 Tags to work with ByteBuffer.
hbase-procedure HBASE-15100 Master WALProcs are deleted out of order ending up with o…
hbase-protocol HBASE-15197 Expose filtered read requests metric to metrics framework…
hbase-resource-bundle Revert "HBASE-15122 Servlets generate XSS_REQUEST_PARAMETER_TO_SERVLE…
hbase-rest HBASE-12593 Tags to work with ByteBuffer.
hbase-server HBASE-15158 Change order in which we do write pipeline operations; do…
hbase-shaded HBASE-14534 Bump yammer/coda/dropwizard metrics dependency version
hbase-shell HBASE-15147 Shell should use Admin.listTableNames() instead of Admin.…
hbase-spark HBASE-14159 Add dependency on hadoop-mapreduce-client-jobclient from …
hbase-testing-util HBASE-14085 Update LICENSE and NOTICE files.
hbase-thrift HBASE-14800 TCompareOp which was missing from initial checkin
src/main Fixup on the hbasecon banner image.. add date and location -- git add…
.arcconfig HBASE-12139 StochasticLoadBalancer doesn't work on large lightly load…
.gitattributes HBASE-6816. [WINDOWS] line endings on checkout for .sh files
.gitignore HBASE-13517 Publish a client artifact with shaded dependencies
CHANGES.txt HBASE-5466 Opening a table also opens the metatable and never closes it
LICENSE.txt HBASE-14338 License notification misspells 'Asciidoctor' (Lars Francke)
NOTICE.txt HBASE-14085 Update LICENSE and NOTICE files.
README.txt Updated links in README
pom.xml Revert "HBASE-15122 Servlets generate XSS_REQUEST_PARAMETER_TO_SERVLE…


Apache HBase [1] is an open-source, distributed, versioned, column-oriented
store modeled after Google' Bigtable: A Distributed Storage System for
Structured Data by Chang et al.[2]  Just as Bigtable leverages the distributed
data storage provided by the Google File System, HBase provides Bigtable-like
capabilities on top of Apache Hadoop [3].

To get started using HBase, the full documentation for this release can be
found under the doc/ directory that accompanies this README.  Using a browser,
open the docs/index.html to view the project home page (or browse to [1]).
The hbase 'book' at has a 'quick start'
section and is where you should being your exploration of the hbase project.

The latest HBase can be downloaded from an Apache Mirror [4].

The source code can be found at [5]

The HBase issue tracker is at [6]

Apache HBase is made available under the Apache License, version 2.0 [7]

The HBase mailing lists and archives are listed here [8].

The HBase distribution includes cryptographic software. See the export control
notice here [9].

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