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Slackbot for OpenWhisk

This repository contains proof-of-concept-quality code to deploy a Slackbot with the capability to run OpenWhisk actions.


  1. Copy src/main/resources/application.conf.template to src/main/resources/application.conf and fill in the credentials as indicated in the comments.

  2. Run slack.whisk.Main.

You can run either from sbt directly, or use sbt eclipse to generate an Eclipse project and create a run configuration from there.


(Assuming your bot is called @whiskbot.)

Send a run command either as a direct message, or using a mention in a channel where the bot was invited:

@whiskbot: please run this for me:
```function main(args) {
    return { "greeting": "Hello " + + "!" };
```{ "name" : "visitor" }```

The message needs to contain the keywords "run", "please", and two triple-quoted blocks; one for the JavaScript code, and one for the action payload.

Caveat emptor

  • The bot currently only supports JavaScript actions.
  • The bot will stop if the websocket connection is lost.
  • You must assume users of the bot will be able to gain access to the OpenWhisk credentials.
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