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.eclipse.templates PIG-3522: Remove shock from pig
bin PIG-4403: Combining -Dpig.additional.jars.uris with -useHCatalog brea…
conf PIG-4434: Improve auto-parallelism for tez
contrib PIG-4527: NON-ASCII Characters in Javadoc break 'ant docs'
ivy PIG-4563: Upgrade to released Tez 0.7.0
lib-src/bzip2/org/apache PIG-4496: Fix CBZip2InputStream to close underlying stream
license PIG-4324: Remove jsch-LICENSE.txt
shims PIG-4530: StackOverflow in TestMultiQueryLocal running under hadoop20…
src PIG-4564: Pig can deadlock in POPartialAgg if there is a bag
test PIG-3994: Implement getting backend exception for Tez (PIG-3994-2.patch)
tutorial PIG-4047: Break up pig withouthadoop and fat jar
.gitignore PIG-4330: Regression test for PIG-3584 - AvroStorage does not correct…
CHANGES.txt PIG-4564: Pig can deadlock in POPartialAgg if there is a bag
KEYS Adding prkommireddi public key to KEYS
LICENSE.txt PIG-692 When running a job from a script, use that script name as the…
NOTICE.txt Update copyright year in NOTICE
README.txt PIG-4519: Correct link to Contribute page
RELEASE_NOTES.txt updated external reference to point to hadoop's new common dir
autocomplete PIG-692 When running a job from a script, use that script name as the…
build.xml Preparing for 0.16.0 development
doap_Pig.rdf Added doap file. This will be used in listing Pig on Apache's index o…
ivy.xml PIG-4544: Upgrade Hbase to 0.98.12


Apache Pig
Pig is a dataflow programming environment for processing very large files. Pig's
language is called Pig Latin. A Pig Latin program consists of a directed
acyclic graph where each node represents an operation that transforms data.
Operations are of two flavors: (1) relational-algebra style operations such as
join, filter, project; (2) functional-programming style operators such as map,

Pig compiles these dataflow programs into (sequences of) map-reduce or Apache Tez
jobs and executes them using Hadoop. It is also possible to execute Pig Latin
programs in a "local" mode (without Hadoop cluster), in which case all 
processing takes place in a single local JVM. 

General Info

For the latest information about Pig, please visit our website at:

and our wiki, at:

Getting Started
1. To learn about Pig, try
2. To build and run Pig, try and
3. To check out the function library, try

Contributing to the Project

We welcome all contributions. For the details, please, visit
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