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sharathmalladi and motus [REEF-2041] Enable docker container support for REEF on Azure Batch (#…

* Enable Azure Batch containers
* Add container registry to parameters
* Address changes needed for REEF to run with docker containers as well as without the use of docker containers
* TcpPortList is List instead of comma separated string
* Removed isDockerContainer and IS_CONTAINER_BASED_POOL parameters as they are not needed
* Use TcpPortListString to represent list of ports
* Addressed all feedback except consolidating container based configuration into a separate class
* Consolidate docker registry settings into the ContainerRegistryProvider class
* Enable docker container support on Windows for Azure Batch

JIRA: [REEF-2041](https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/REEF-2041)

Closes #1478
Latest commit e30060d Aug 3, 2018


Apache REEF™

Apache REEF™ (Retainable Evaluator Execution Framework) is a library for developing portable applications for cluster resource managers such as Apache Hadoop YARN or Apache Mesos. For example, Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics is built on REEF and Hadoop.

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