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= Welcome to Sqoop!

This is the Sqoop (SQL-to-Hadoop) tool. Sqoop allows easy imports and
exports of data sets between databases and HDFS.

== More Documentation

Sqoop ships with additional documentation: a user guide and a manual page.

Asciidoc sources for both of these are in +src/docs/+. Run +ant docs+ to build
the documentation. It will be created in +build/docs/+.

If you got Sqoop in release form, documentation will already be built and
available in the +docs/+ directory.

== Compiling Sqoop

Compiling Sqoop requires the following tools:

* Apache ant (1.7.1)
* Java JDK 1.6

Additionally, building the documentation requires these tools:

* asciidoc
* make
* python 2.5+
* xmlto
* tar
* gzip

To compile Sqoop, run +ant package+. There will be a fully self-hosted build
provided in the +build/sqoop-(version)/+ directory. 

You can build just the jar by running +ant jar+.

See the COMPILING.txt document for for information.

== This is also an Asciidoc file!

* Try running +asciidoc README.txt+
* For more information about asciidoc, see

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