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This repository contains the source code and documentation powering

Single Page Application built with React and powered by Gatsby.

Build Status

Project structure

For an overview of the project structure, please refer to the Gatsby documentation.

Installation and usage

To run the installation script, you will need jq. Be sure to install them first and to have the binaries in your path.

# Checkout project

git clone

# Change directory

cd website

# Install dependencies

yarn install

# Retrieve documentation


# Run project locally (for development)

yarn gatsby develop
> Go to http://localhost:8000/

# Build the project (for production)

yarn gatsby build

# Test the built project locally

yarn gatsby serve
> Go to http://localhost:9000

Publishing Docs For New Versions

  1. Create a branch for the new version in the api-platform/docs repository.
  2. Update Algolia DocSearch configuration
  "index_name": "api-platform",
  "start_urls": [
      "url": "<version>.*?)/",
      "variables": {
        "version": [
    // ...
  // ...
  1. Add the new version in constants.js
module.exports = Object.freeze({
  // ...
  versions: ['main', '2.5', '2.4', '2.3', '2.2', '2.1'],
  currentVersion: '2.6',
  mainVersion: '2.7',
  // ...

🤝 Contributors features

You need to use a valid github token to retrieve the list of contributors.

  1. Go to your github developer settings

  2. Select scopes public_repo, read:org and read:user, generate the token and copy it.

  3. Create a new .env.local file on the root of your local website project, and set your token as an environment variable named GITHUB_KEY.

Core team badges restriction: You need to be a member of API Platform organization to retrieve API Platform teams. You can still locally launch the project, but the badges of the core team members will not appear.