Reliable, accurate, real-time exchange rates for 168 world currencies, delivered in portable JSON format, compatible with any application. Full interactive documentation, code, integration guides and more available at - Sign up for the Free Plan now!
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currencylayer JSON API

Currencylayer provides an easy-to-integrate REST API with real-time and historical exchange rates for 168 world currencies, by default relative to USD, delivered in lightweight and highly portable JSON format and compatible with any application.

Exchange rate data is collected from several major forex data vendors in real-time, bid/ask prices are blended algorithmically, validated, and delivered hourly, every 10 minutes, or even within the 60-second market window.

Providing the most representative forex market value available ("midpoint" value) for every API request, the currencylayer API powers currency converters, mobile apps and back-office systems all around the world.

Unique Approach

The online Forex API market is divided into two sections: Inexpensive, but unreliable open-source projects, and overpriced, but well-performing "Enterprise-class" APIs.

Currencylayer aims to combine the strengths of both into one superior product - delivering accurate, reliable and consistent currency exchange rates through a closely monitored API and making it accessible to small-scale businesses and startups - and conveniently low-priced for larger companies.

Sign up for free to get instant API Access.

Features & Integration

All real-time and historical exchange rates are available at, along with 256-bit HTTPS encryption, JSONP Callbacks, HTTP Access-Control headers, HTTP ETags, and much more.

Long story short - the main API Functionalities are:

  • Real-time Forex data: Exchange rates for 168 world currencies and precious metals, with data updates ranging from every 60 minutes down to stunning 60 seconds

  • Historical Rates: Query the API for Historical exchange rates going back all the way to 1999

  • Currency Conversion Endpoint: Have the API convert one currency to another on your behalf, using real-time or even historical rates.

  • Time-Frame Queries: Request exchange rates between two specified dates, for timeframes of up to 365 days.

  • Currency-Change Queries: Request change parameters (margin and percentage) for one or more currencies, optionally between two specified dates.

  • Optional Parameters: Request a specific selection of currencies in order to reduce server load, query the API for a different Base Currency, and pretty print your JSON response.

Sign up for the Free Plan to get your API Access Key.

In-depth Documentation

Find a shortened version of the API's Documentation, along with a full Java Demo Source, in this Repository's docs folder.

Interactive example queries, a variety of code examples (including PHP/CURL, jQuery.ajax and Java), integration guides, useful downloads and much more is available at

Customer Support

Need any assistance? Get in touch with Customer Support.


All usage of the currencylayer website, API, and services is subject to the currencylayer Terms & Conditions and all annexed legal documents and agreements.