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An iOS Swipe based matching app for pet adoption consuming a Rails API
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PetSwipe iOS

This app is an iOS swipe based matching app for pet adoption which consumes a Rails API. The Rails backend repo is located here: The deployed backend is here:

Swift Version

This app is written in:

  • Swift 4.2

It has a target iOS deployment of:

  • iOS 12
  • This is a universal app, but it is primarily designed for iPhone.

It was created using:

  • Xcode 10

Package Management

This app uses Cocoapods. All pods are included in this repo, so no additional installation is required after cloning this repo. This app uses the following pods:

  • Alamofire
  • SDWebImage

Opening the project in Xcode

After cloning this repo down, open the PetPicker.xcworkspace file in Xcode

Running the app in the simulator

Once the project is open in Xcode, click build and run, or press command + R

Running the tests

Click and hold the run button until a dropdown shows the test button, or press command + U

Running the app on a device

You will need an Apple developer account. You can visit the Apple developer site at:

Using the API

All API calls are made in the PPApi.swift service. To change the backend, you can change the baseUrl constant in that file.


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