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This branch (new-docs) of the appdotnet/api-spec repo contains the source for and replaces the docs located on the master branch.

This documentation can be compiled using nanoc.

All submissions are welcome. To submit a change, fork this repo, commit your changes, and send us a pull request.

Building the docs

Ruby is required to build the site.

To install nanoc and make sure you have all the necessary ruby gems, open a terminal in the root of the api-spec checkout and run

$ bundle install

To compile the docs for the first time, run

$ bundle exec nanoc

Nanoc compiles the site into static files living in ./output.

In general, the best way to work on the docs is like this:

$ bundle exec nanoc view &
$ bundle exec guard start

Guard will run and auto-generate new HTML output when you edit Markdown files, and the nanoc built-in webserver will be available on http://localhost:3000/

If you want to learn more about using nanoc, view the nanoc documentation.