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ApPHP Web Development Framework

Thank you for choosing ApPHP - a high-performance PHP MVC framework

Please make sure the release file is unpacked under a web-accessible directory.
You will see the following files and directories:

    demos/              demo applications
    docs/               documentation
    framework/          framework source files
    utils/              some utillities
        requirements/   requirements checker
        tests/          tests
        generators/     code generators
    CHANGELOG           describing changes in every ApPHP release
    LICENSE             license of ApPHP Framework
    README              this file
    UPDATE              updating instructions

The minimum requirement by ApPHP is that your Web server supports PHP 5.3.0 or
above. ApPHP has been tested with Apache HTTP server on Windows and Linux
operating systems.

Please visit the project website for tutorials, class reference and join
discussions with other ApPHP users.

The ApPHP Developer Team