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  1. Appstore card animation transition. UICollectionView and UITableView card expand animated transition for iOS

    Swift 217 23

  2. BiometricKeychain saves and fetches data from keychain only after the biometric validation succeded. If your device does not support biometric authentication or is not enabled, the library will sto…

    Swift 19 1

  3. Easy to use Swift library for live streaming to social media and content platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, Periscope or on CDNS such as Wowza, Azure, AWS Elemental MediaLive or on your c…

    Ruby 5 1

  4. iOS communication framework based on multipeer connectivity and WebRTC, it provides real time communication and time synchronization. It uses libjingle, WebRTC, SocketRocket, ntp and the Multiplaye…

    Objective-C 2


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