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Laravel Roles

Laravel 5 User Role Manager

The idea of this package came from laracast laracasts/Users-and-Roles-in-Laravel and now it is built for laravel 5.


Laravel >=5.1
PHP >= 5.5.9 


  1. Run

    composer require "appzcoder/laravel-roles":"dev-master"
  2. Add service provider into /config/app.php file.

    'providers' => [
  3. Publish migrations

    php artisan vendor:publish
  4. Run migrate command

    php artisan migrate
  5. Include UserRoles trait to your user model located at /app/User.php

    use Appzcoder\LaravelRoles\Traits\UserRoles;
    class User extends Model implements AuthenticatableContract, CanResetPasswordContract
        use Authenticatable, CanResetPassword, UserRoles;


Use the routes as bellow.

Route::get('/roles', function () {

    /* Create user if needed
    'name' => 'Sohel Amin',
    'email' => '',
    'password' => bcrypt('123456'),

    $user = App\User::first();

    /* Create roles
    $role = new Appzcoder\LaravelRoles\Models\Role;
    $role->name = 'admin';

    /* Assign and remove role from user
    $role = Appzcoder\LaravelRoles\Models\Role::whereName('admin')->first();

    return $user->roles;

Route::get('/admin', ['middleware' => 'role:admin', 'uses' => 'AdminController@index']);


Sohel Amin