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PowerShell Core for Linux and macOS

This project contains the demos, notes and other materail for the accompanying Pluralsight course by the same name. It is also used in presentations based on the same subject matter.


The folder "Demo" contains the individual demos from the course. The mxx- at the beginning corresponds to the module number, but the names of each example are self explanatory as to the content.

Note that module 1 of the course was just introduction, no demos. For modules 2 and 3 there were no PS1 scripts used. Instead these demos showed the installation of PowerShell Core, VSCode, and other tools on Linux and macOS. Notes on these can be found in the Notes folder.


During testing, once you are comfortable with manual installation you may want to automate the setup of PowerShell Core, VSCode and other components so you can jump right into coding. This will let you easily build virtual machines over and over, with minimal stress.

Each script is titled in such a way to indicate what platform it is for, in addition each script is documented in comments.


This folder is an array of notes that were taken during the creation of the course. In many cases these are guides on manual installation or configuration of the various tools. Each file name reflects its contents.

All notes, including this ReadMe, are in MarkDown format. As such they are best read either on the authors github site, or using a markdown preview tool in VSCode. Two extensions, "Markdown Preview Enhanced" and "Markdown All in One" were tested and both provided good results, use what works better for you.


This code has been tested on the following platforms: Ubuntu 18.10 Desktop Ubuntu 18.04 Server macOS Mojave 10.14.4 Windows 10 (see the Using PowerShell 5.1 and 6.0 with VSCode note for more information)


This demo is still in development as of April 2019. It will likely receive daily updates through the month of April and into the first few weeks of May. By the end of May 2019 this demo should be largely stable. Once it is this file will be updated to reflect the current state.

Easy Download

For ease of download, a ZIP file has been uploaded to the root diretory with the entire project. This will allow you to do a single download to your machine.

Disclaimer and contact info

PowerShell Core on Linux and macOS

Author: Robert C. Cain | @ArcaneCode | arcanecode at |

These demos and accompanying notes are Copyright (c) 2015, 2019 Robert C. Cain. All rights reserved.

While the author strives for correctness and accuracy, it should be clearly stated the code herein is for demonstration purposes only. No warranty or guarentee is implied or expressly granted. User assumes all responsibility.

This module may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the express written consent of the author and/or Pluralsight. Parts can be used within your own projects, at your own risk.


This project contains the demos for my "PowerShell Core for Linux and macOS" course on Pluralsight






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