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Meticulously architected web applications.


👋 Hey! This is the GitHub organization of ArchTech.

We are a web development agency that specializes in Laravel and, primarily, the TALLstack.

Aside from client work, a major focus of ours is creating advanced tooling for the Laravel ecosystem.


Our main open-source project is Tenancy for Laravel.

Aside from that, we have a bunch of mini packages, like: laravel-seo, laravel-pages, livewire-access, money, and many more.

In a few months, we'll be releasing our e-commerce package and most importantly: Lean Admin, a game-changing admin panel framework for Laravel.


We run a tech-stack specific job board: StackJobs. The point of it is to make it easy for TALL (Tailwind, Alpine, Laravel, Livewire) and VITL (Vue, Inertia, Tailwind, Laravel) developers to find jobs, or for companies using those tech stacks to find developers. Later we'll be expanding the selection of tech stacks, but right now we're focusing on the ones that are closest to the Laravel community.

Laravel Code Tips is a project of ours that serves as an aggregate of code tips for Laravel developers. They're presented in a way that has great UX and makes finding new tips easy.


We regularly post on our Twitter profile where we share 🔥 code tips, 💭 general thoughts on web development, and 🧵 weekly threads with Laravel updates.

We post ✍️ long form on our blog and our forum.


  1. tenancy tenancy Public

    Automatic multi-tenancy for Laravel. No code changes needed.

    PHP 3.3k 395

  2. airwire airwire Public

    A lightweight full-stack component layer that doesn't dictate your front-end framework

    PHP 201 8

  3. laravel-seo laravel-seo Public

    SEO package for Laravel

    PHP 262 23

  4. laravel-pages laravel-pages Public

    Easily add routes to your Laravel app by creating Markdown or Blade files

    PHP 113 4

  5. gloss gloss Public

    Brilliant localization for Laravel

    PHP 36 4

  6. livewire-access livewire-access Public

    Control frontend access to properties/methods in Livewire using PHP 8 attributes.

    PHP 94 10


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