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Arduino core supporting mbed-enabled boards
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Arduino Core for mbed enabled devices

The repository contains the Arduino APIs and IDE integration files targeting a generic mbed-enabled board


Clone the repository in $sketchbook/hardware/arduino

mkdir -p $sketchbook/hardware/arduino
cd $sketchbook/hardware/arduino
git clone mbed

Then clone in a directory at your choice. Checkout namespace_arduino branch.

git clone -b namespace_arduino

Remove the symlink to api you can find in $sketchbook/hardware/arduino/mbed/cores/arduino and replace it with a symlink to ArduinoCore-API/api

Open Arduino IDE; you should now see three new targets under MBED boards label

Adding an mbed target

Adding a target is a mostly automatic procedure that involves running after setting BOARDNAME and ARDUINOCORE env variables. Actions marked as TODO must be executed manually.

Using this core as an mbed library

You can use this core as a standard mbed library; all APIs are under arduino namespace (so they must be called like arduino::digitalWrite() )

The opposite is working as well; from any sketch you can call mbed APIs by prepending mbed:: namespace.

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