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AREDN Documentation

This repository is for creating documentation for the AREDN project so it can be made available on ReadTheDocs.

Viewing the Docs:

To view the AREDN documentation in a web browser, navigate to or select your choice from the Docs dropdown menu on

Exporting to PDF:

While viewing the AREDN documentation in your web browser, you will see the contents list in the left panel. At the bottom of the panel is a drawer labeled "ReadTheDocs" showing the version you are viewing. Click the label bar to open it. From the drawer you can export the documentation set as a single PDF or Epub file. This is handy if you want to take a PDF copy of the guidebook with you into the field where you do not have Internet access.


If you are interested in contributing to the rapidly growing set of AREDN related information, you can easily do so on GitHub. The workflow for contributing documentation is described in detail here: How to Use GitHub for AREDN.

AREDN documentation is written using the reStructuredText markup language and your text is saved in "rst" files. Before committing your changes, be sure to test your "rst" files locally using Sphinx to ensure they will render correctly.

Your local code branch name can be anything that makes sense to you. After you create your Pull Request, the AREDN team will review your request just as it does for code changes. Once your documentation contributions are committed to the AREDN GitHub repository, a webhook automatically updates and builds the latest docs for viewing and exporting on All contributions that are included by the AREDN® team in the documentation set will be covered by the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International license held by Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network, Inc.