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This guide is written for TeknoParrot
Older version won't work anymore with DemulShooter
More recent builds may broke compatibility at anytime

Usage :

  1. Get TeknoParrot loader, run TeknoParrotUi.exe and add games to library

  2. For each game, go to GAME SETTINGS* and uncheck General - UseMouseForGun.

  3. For HOTD4 you also will have to check General - OffScreenReloadHack

  4. For each game, go to CONTROLLER SETUP and can set Keyboard keys for Start/Service/Test as you want

  5. Run DemulShooter for this system, for example:
    DemulShooter.exe -target=lindbergh -rom=hotd4

  6. Run the game via TeknoParrotUi.exe, or directly with a command line.

Enjoy !

Controls :

Lindbergh Controls
hotd4 Trigger Grenade Reload
lgj Trigger Grenade /

Misc. Notes :

  • If you check "use mouse for gun games" in teknoparrot, START, SERVICE and TEST buttons will be forced to your mouse clicks and whatever controls you choosed in the game's menu will not be used
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