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Simple 40-lines implementation of enums for scala based on sealed classes
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This is simple 40-lines implementation of enums based on sealed classes (supporting pattern matching exhaustion checks). It uses reflection so if you use it, you may need to add libraryDependencies += "org.scala-lang" % "scala-reflect" % scalaV to your project.

Enum for objects


sealed abstract class Color(red: Double, green: Double, blue: Double)

object Color extends EnumOf[Color] {
  case object Red   extends Color(1, 0, 0)
  case object Green extends Color(0, 1, 0)
  case object Blue  extends Color(0, 0, 1)
  case object White extends Color(0, 0, 0)
  case object Black extends Color(1, 1, 1)


Color.values shouldEqual List(Red, Green, Blue, White, Black)

Color.valueOfOpt("Blue").value shouldEqual Blue
Color.valueOfOpt("NotExisiting").isEmpty shouldBe true

Enum for instances


case class DistanceFrom(srcCity: String, srcCoordinates: Coordinate) extends EnumOf[DistanceBetween] {
  case object ToBerlin extends DistanceFromSrcCityTo("Berlin", Coordinate(52.5075419, 13.4251364))
  case object ToNewYork extends DistanceFromSrcCityTo("New York", Coordinate(40.7033127, -73.979681))

  abstract class DistanceFromSrcCityTo(val destCity: String, val destCoordinates: Coordinate) extends DistanceBetween {
    override def srcCoordinates: Coordinate = DistanceFrom.this.srcCoordinates

sealed abstract class DistanceBetween {
  def srcCoordinates: Coordinate

  def destCity: String
  def destCoordinates: Coordinate

  def inKm: Int = Coordinate.distanceInKm(srcCoordinates, destCoordinates).toInt


val DistanceFromWarsaw = DistanceFrom("Warsaw", Coordinate(52.232938, 21.0611941))

DistanceFromWarsaw.ToBerlin.inKm shouldEqual 519
DistanceFromWarsaw.ToNewYork.inKm shouldEqual 6856 shouldEqual List(519, 6856)


The scala-enum is released under version 2.0 of the Apache License.

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