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This is a Masternode installation script by WG91 from the MIRQ community. Use at your own risk.
If you used this script and like it, feel free to send him a tip.
MIRQ tipjar


Get a VPS from your favorite provider. If you don't have one here is a link:

Use Putty or Bitvise to log into your VPS, then enter the following commands one at a time:

wget https://github.com/armcoin1857/MIRQ/releases/download/script/mrq_install.sh
chmod +x mrq_install.sh

If you get an error when trying mrq-cli, check if your node's IP is mentioned in conf file:
sudo nano /root/.mrq/mrq.conf

Add your VPS's IP at
masternodeaddr=[YOUR NODE'S IP]:55611

CTRL+X to save, choose Y for YES and save under same name by hitting ENTER

Then use:
systemctl start Mirq.service

To check wallet is syncing:
mrq-cli getinfo

To check masternode status:
mrq-cli masternode status

To check if service is running:
systemctl status Mirq.service

To restart service:
systemctl stop Mirq.service
systemctl start Mirq.service