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An example Django project
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Django Example Project

This repository is to help demonstrate an example Django project. We use modern tools available to developers to make our life simpler.

Project requirements are simple:

  • Vagrant (Virtualbox)
  • Python
  • Fabric

Getting most of these is simple. Get Vagrant / VirtualBox by first going to the Virtualbox download page and installing the latest version. Vagrant is as simple as

$ sudo gem install vagrant

Python is probably already installed, so there is nothing to do. Fabric is similarly simple.

$ sudo easy_install pip ; pip install fabric

PIP is the replacement of easy_install, but it is still simpler to use easy_install to get pip. If easy_install is not available, you may need to use a package manager to get it (apt-get install python-setuptools).

Those are the only tools that are needed on our host operating system, as the remaining tools are provisioned within a virtual machine. By using VM based development, we can have a consistent development and production environment, and avoid installing cruft on our development system.

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