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Hardware Abstraction Layer library.
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HAL is a Hardware Abstraction Layer library that provides a simple unified
interface to common functionality.  Contains devices and associated device
drivers like cameras, IMUs, GPS, etc.

Feel free to report any bugs or issues at our GitHub portal. You can find us at:

Active Developers:
* Sina Aghli
* Michael Kasper
* Andrew Kramer
* John Stechschulte
* Gabe Sibley
* Christoffer Heckman

Previous Developers (thank you!):
* Juan M. Falquez
* Nima Keivan
* Steven Lovegrove
* Fernando Nobre

* opencv
* google protobuf
* google glog
* google gflags
* tinyxml2
* Sophus
* Calibu

sudo apt-get install libprotobuf-dev libopencv-dev libgoogle-glog-dev libtinyxml2-dev protobuf-compiler
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