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Welcome to Arras Energy

Arras Energy is the commercial release of HiPAS GridLAB-D supported and distributed by LF Energy.

The following options are available for using Arras Energy:

Run on Docker

docker run -it -v $PWD:/model slacgismo/gridlabd:latest gridlabd -W /model [LOADOPTIONS] [FILENAME.EXT] [RUNOPTIONS]

See Dockerhub HiPAS repositories for a list of available images.

Run on AWS

  1. Sign into your AWS console.
  2. Launch an EC2 instance.
  3. Search the community AMI for images starting with gridlabd in the us-west-1 (N. California) region.
  4. Choose an instance type with sufficient memory, e.g., >4GB.
  5. Download and save your keypair.
  6. Launch the instance.
  7. Connect to the instance.
  8. Download your model into the instance, e.g., from GitHub.
  9. Run the simulation using the usual command line options.
  10. Save the results, e.g., to GitHub.

You can also start the instance from the command line:

aws ec2 run-instances --image-id AMINAME --count 1 --instance-type INSTANCETYPE --key-name KEYPAIRNAME --security-group-ids SECURITYGROUPID --subnet-id SUBNETID

You can search the AWS AMI Catalog for Community AMIs matching "Arras Energy HiPAS GridLAB-D" in the us-west-1 region. The version number will be included in the name.

Download on Mac, Windows WSL, or Ubuntu Linux

curl -sL | [sudo] sh

Build your own

git clone [-b BRANCH] gridlabd
cd gridlabd
./ --local
./ --system --validate

Current Project Status

Repository Build Deploy
GridLAB-D master develop master-images develop-images
Templates master develop
Weather validate
Library validate validate
Models validate
Benchmarks Manual test (see
Examples Manual test (see

The documentation for this project is located at

This respository contains the source code to Arras Energy, which was developed by SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory for the California Energy Commission under a grant for HiPAS GridLAB-D (EPC-17-046). Arras Energy is the commercial version of the US Department of Energy's research version of GridLAB-D developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Popular repositories

  1. gridlabd Public

    HiPAS GridLAB-D is the California Energy Commission (CEC) version of GridLAB-D.

    C++ 29 28

  2. GridLAB-D models that are widely used for various projects

    MATLAB 2 2

  3. GridLAB-D weather data files

    Python 1 4

  4. tsc Public

    Arras Energy Technical Steering Committee files

    1 2


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