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.NET wrapper for ArrayFire
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ArrayFire Binding in .NET Standard

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ArrayFire is a high performance library for parallel computing with an easy-to-use API. It enables users to write scientific computing code that is portable across CUDA, OpenCL and CPU devices. This project provides .NET bindings for the ArrayFire library. It conforms to .NET Standard 2.x, so it can be used from any .net Language such as C# or F#



  • Wrapper/: Contains the C# source code for the .net ArrayFire wrapper library. This is the library that you need to reference from your project.

  • AutoGenTool/: Contains the F# source code for a tool that automatically generates part of the library code. Not meant to be used by consumers of the library.

  • Examples/: contains a few examples demonstrating the usage from both C# and F#


  1. Install from NuGet

    PM> Install-Package ArrayFire

  • Refer to the Examples folder.

  • Or run in command line

    dotnet "HelloWorld (CSharp).dll"


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