A Sencha Touch application for raffling prizes.
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Original application developed by Arthur Kay for use in the Chicago Sencha User Group:
  - http://www.akawebdesign.com/2011/05/18/sencha-touch-prize-patrol-app/

The basic idea is to connect to our group's Meetup.com account and display upcoming events. For a given event, we can pick winners for our prize raffles.

Nothing exciting, but a good demonstration of Sencha Touch and the Meetup.com API.

== SPECS ==

The application is written using Sencha Touch (v2.2.1), and was built using the Sencha Cmd (v4.0.0.66).

Because this is a demo app, there are a number of additional pieces:
  - UI Tests via Siesta (v1.1.5-lite)
  - Unit Tests via Jasmine (v1.1.0)
  - Integration with PhantomJS (v1.3.0) to run PhantomLint validation and Jasmine tests
  - Git pre-commit hooks to run unit tests


This is a demo app, intended to showcase multiple technologies working side-by-side with the Sencha Touch framework.

The application will always be in constant flux. Not all features are tested before being pushed to GitHub.

This application is NOT intended to showcase best-practices of any kind for building a mobile web application, a Sencha Touch application, or anything else.