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This is the ARTICnetwork project, a Wellcome Trust funded project to provide a system for real-time genomic epidemiology of virus outbreaks.

Popular repositories

  1. ARTIC nanopore protocol for nCoV2019 novel coronavirus

    Python 147 163

  2. Forked from zibraproject/zika-pipeline

    The ARTIC field bioinformatics pipeline

    Python 88 59

  3. rampart Public

    Read Assignment, Mapping, and Phylogenetic Analysis in Real Time

    JavaScript 69 30

  4. civet Public

    Cluster Investigation & Virus Epidemiology Tool

    Python 38 12

  5. Primer schemes for real-time genome epidemiology

    Python 19 35

  6. readucks Public

    Nanopore read de-multiplexer

    Python 12 3


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