Pre-rendering and caching of Reaction Commerce Products for better SEO, using Chrome Headless
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Reaction Commerce Caching Plugin

Allows for Meteor Spiderable caching of products through Chrome Headless

This plugin is used in conjunction with Meteor Chrome Headless Spiderable


  1. Copy/Clone folder to plugins/custom.
  2. Install artlimes:meteor-chrome-headless-spiderable by running meteor add artlimes:meteor-chrome-headless-spiderable
  3. to cache all your existing visible products open DevTools and run the following in the console:"caching/allProducts");
// OR"caching/allProducts", productId);
// OR"caching/allProducts", productSlug);

This is a convenience method to cache all your visible Product(s). Note that each visible product will get cached automatically after every publish.