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nalgebra wrapper to simplify the most common usage for graphics vector math
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na is a wrapper around nalgebra to make it easier and mostly less verbose to work with the most used types in vector math for graphics.

na shortens the most common types Vector*, Point*, Quaternion... to Vec*, Pnt*, Quat... and defaults the generic parameters to f32 so you can write:

struct Pos(Vec3);

It also inlcudes some other functionalities not yet present in nalgebra:

  • Fast versions of multiplication of matrices (including matrices with vectors) that can be used by calling:
let m4: Mat4 = ...;
let v4: Vec4 = ...;
let v4_2 = m4.fast_mul(&v4);
  • Fast versions of inversion for matrices

  • GLSL style swizzles:

let xy = v3.xy()
let xz = v3.xz()
  • Macros to easily create vectors:
let one = vec3!(1.); //sets all components to 1
let composed = vec3!(v2, z); // creates a Vector3 from a Vector2 and a float
  • Easy to use traits for the most common types:

    • BaseNum (Integers and reals)
    • BaseInt
    • BaseFloat
    • NumVec (Vector of any number type)
    • FloatVec
    • NumPnt
    • FloatPnt
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