This is a template to do automatic magento db imports from prod to dev/test/local including lots of handy scripts you need when creating a dev db
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So, you wanna magento dev db, huh?

Well today is your lucky day buddy. Us folks at are sharing the script we use to automatically create a dev db from a prod db, including all the tweaks you need to set things up PROPERLY.

It's easy!

  • Download your prod.sql to the folder above this file

e.g. if your magento root is /var/www/magento, then put it in /var/www/prod.sql

  • clone this repo in the same dir

git clone import

  • change your URLs, mailchimp API keys and choose which modules you want to modify in:


  • change your db name in these two:



  • change your magento root path in:


  • Now you're ready to rock and roll, so cd into the repo dir

cd magento-db-import #or whatever

  • execute the script


It will ask you your myqsql password three times, and in a few seconds, you'll be able to visit your dev site with a brand new db.

Basic things
  • disables cache
  • hides site from robots (noindex,nofollow)
  • changes Magento URLs
  • changes Magento cookie domain
  • changes all customer emails so you don't accidentally email them
  • changes order increment ID so simpler payment gateways don't get confused dealing with the same order IDs as your live site
  • changes magento newsletter subscriber emails
Cool things
  • turns Google Analytics and lots of other analytics services off (kissmetrics, mixpanel, chartbeat)
  • turns Olark Livechat off
  • changes Mailchimp API keys
  • changes Sweettooth rewardsref personal url
  • turns Onepica ImageCDN off
To Do (please help!)
  1. automate the password steps, so you don't have to enter mysql password 3 times
  2. prompt the user for dbname, url and magento root so you don't have to edit the files