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Http Web Server
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C implementation of http Server that can host any http websites. Server can be run in following ways,

  1. Serially : Single thread of execution will handle every request one after another.
  2. Using processes : For new request new process is created.
  3. Using Threads : For new request new thread is created.
  4. Using ThreadPool : Limited number of threads handles the job one after another(most efficient).


bounded_buffer.c/h: Implementation of circular queue.

csuc_http: Implementation of head file that has structures of http header packages.

log.c/h: Functions that manages logs.

Server.c: Main implementation of server code.

Stimer.c/Stimer.h: All required functions to manage time.

supporting_functions.c: Small functions those are used in server.c

##Running Compile using MakeFile and run with the options available.

http_server -d sample_site


###-d : Set directory location of website to be hosted.

http_serve -d sample_site

###-p : Set port number of server.

http_serve -d sample_site -p 9000

###-f : Run server using multiple processes. For every new request process will get created.

http_serve -f -d sample_site -p 9000

###-t : Run server using threads. For every new request thread will get created.

http_serve -t -d sample_site -p 9000

###-w : Run server with limited numbers of worked threads.

http_serve -w 10 -d sample_site -p 9000

###-q : Limit the queue size for thread pool strategy. Only use this option with -w.

http_serve -w 10 -q 10 -d sample_site -p 9000

###Serial Operation : If no f,t,w options are provided, server will run in serial mode.

http_serve -w 10 -d sample_site -p 9000

###-v: Set log level to ERROR,WARNING,INFO or DEBUG.

http_serve -w 10 -d sample_site -p 9000 -v ERROR
http_serve -w 10 -d sample_site -p 9000 -v WARNING
http_serve -w 10 -d sample_site -p 9000 -v INFO
http_serve -w 10 -d sample_site -p 9000 -v DEBUG

##Signals Handled:


Use ctrl + c to shutdown server or use kill.


Change the current log level.
    If process id for my server is 34567
    kill -SIGUSR2 34567
    Current log level INFO


Display server statistics.
    If process id for my server is 34567
    kill -SIGUSR1 34567
-----------------------------SERVER iNFO-----------------------------
Document Root                    : sample_site
Port No                          : 9000
Response Strategy                : Serial Operation
Total Requests handled           : 32
Total amount of data transferred : 415922 bytes
Total uptime                     : 0 hr,0 min, 15.325913309 seconds
Total time spent serving requets : 0 hr,0 min, 2.7236844123925454905 seconds
Avg time spent serving requests  : 0.08511513788 seconds

###About Me :

I love coding and If you guys need any help, reach me on linkedin: Or Reach me at

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