Print an image of a cat to the iTerm2 terminal
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Print an image of a cat from Imgur to iTerm2.

Uses iTerm2's proprietary escape codes and Imgur to display an image of a cat in your terminal.

NOTE: I do not own the images that you see, nor have I any control over them. You will see some image that is tagged as "cat" on Imgur. That could be anything. I do filter out images that are tagged NSFW, but there are no guarantees that you won't see something you wish you hadn't. Use at your own risk.

SECOND NOTE: This requires iTerm2 2.9 or later. You can download it here.


catimg depends on requests, imgurpython, iterm2-tools and iTerm2. It depends on Python 3 (it will not work in Python 2).

The easiest way to install it is with pip

pip install catimg

or conda

conda install -c conda-forge catimg