Apache authentication module using lmdb.
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Apache authentication module using lmdb. mod_authn_lmdb checks a lmdb database for a key matching a username with a password encrypted using an Apache encryption method.

mod_authn_lmdb can be used as a sort of credentials cache when stacked in front of other authentication modules like mod_authnz_external.


On Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install libapr1-dev libaprutil1-dev apache2-threaded-dev

OpenSSL should be installed by default, but if not:

sudo apt-get install openssl

Install lmdb:

git clone https://git.gitorious.org/mdb/mdb.git
cd mdb/libraries/liblmdb/
sudo make install


Install mod_authn_lmdb:

apxs2 -c mod_authn_lmdb.c -llmdb
sudo apxs2 -i -a mod_authn_lmdb.la
sudo service apache2 restart


In your Apache configuration, inside a or directive add:

AuthLmdbDir "/var/lib/lmdb"

Where /var/lib/lmdb is a directory containing your lmdb database.

Don't forget to create the directory, also make sure the httpd daemon user has access:

sudo mkdir /var/lib/lmdb
sudo chown www-data /var/lib/lmdb

Setup HTTP Basic authentication for the directory/location and set the AuthBasicProfiver to lmdb:

AuthType Basic
AuthName "Authentication For The Authenticated"
AuthBasicProvider lmdb
Require valid-user

Restart Apache:

sudo service apache2 restart

Installation and configuration steps should be similar on other Linux distributions, and mod_authn_lmdb might even work on Windows.... maybe.


This is a sample program to add username key with a SHA1 password encrypted using the apr_sha1_base64 function.

Compiling add_entry.c

To compile the utility use something like:

gcc -Wall -o add_entry add_entry.c /usr/local/lib/liblmdb.so /usr/lib/libaprutil-1.so.0

Add entries to your lmdb with:

./add_entry /var/lib/lmdb someuser somepass

Obviously this utility could be made better, but who has the time?