Sample BugTracker application that uses MVC for APIs and SignalR for real-time.
JavaScript C# Batchfile

BugTracker application

This project is part of ASP.NET Core. You can find samples, documentation and getting started instructions for ASP.NET Core at the Home repo. The equivalent MVC5 project is in

  • Clone the repository

Run the application on Helios:

  • If you have Visual Studio 2015 Preview
    1. Open BugTracker.sln in Visual Studio 2015 Preview and run the application.
  • If you don't have Visual Studio 2015 Preview
    1. Open a command prompt and cd \src\BugTracker\
    2. Execute kpm restore to restore all the necessary packages.
    3. Execute Helios.cmd to launch the app on IISExpress from command line (Application started at URL http://localhost:5001/).

Run on WebListener/Kestrel:

  • Open a command prompt and cd \src\BugTracker\
  • [WebListener]: 4. Run k WebListener (Application started at URL http://localhost:5002/)
  • [Kestrel]: 5. Run k Kestrel (Application started at URL http://localhost:5004/)
  • [CustomHost]: 6. Run k run (This hosts the app in a console application - Application started at URL http://localhost:5003/)

To run the sample on Mac/Mono:

  • Follow Home instructions to install mono, kvm on Mac
  • Open a command prompt and cd \src\BugTracker\
  • Execute ``kpm restore```
  • Try k Kestrel to run the application


  1. Application is started on different ports on different hosts. To change the port or URL modify Helios.cmd or project.json commands section in case of self-host and customhost.