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Go REST API to Process Presentation in Cloud

This repository contains Aspose.Slides Cloud SDK for Go source code. This SDK allows you to process & manipulate PPT, PPTX, ODP, OTP using Aspose.slides Cloud REST APIs in your applications.

Presentation Processing Features

  • Fetch presentation images in any of the supported file formats.
  • Copy the layout side or clone the master slide from the source presentation.
  • Process slides shapes, slides notes, placeholders, colors & font theme info.
  • Programmatically create a presentation from HTML & export it to various formats.
  • Merge multiple presentations or split the single presentation into multiple ones.
  • Extract and replace text from a specific slide or an entire presentation.

Read & Write Presentation Formats

Microsoft PowerPoint: PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, PPTM, PPSM, POTX, POTM OpenOffice: ODP, OTP, FODP

Save Presentation As

Fixed Layout: PDF, PDF/A, XPS Images: JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, SVG Web: HTML Other: SWF (export whole presentations)

Enhancements in Version 21.3

  • New MergeOnline and MergeAndSaveOnline methods to merge presentations from multipart request body.
  • New SplitOnline and SplitAndSaveOnline methods to split presentation from request body.
  • New DownloadSlideOnline, DownloadShapeOnline, DownloadImageDefaultFormatOnline, DownloadImageOnline, SaveSlideOnline and SaveShapeOnline methods to convert slides, shapes and images to spefified format using presentation from request body.
  • New DownloadImagesDefaultFormat, DownloadImages, DownloadImagesDefaultFormatOnline and DownloadImagesDefaultFormatOnline methods to download all images from presentation as a ZIP archive.
  • New ReplacePresentationTextOnline and ReplaceSlideTextOnline methods to replace text in presentation from request body.
  • New AlignShapes method to align shapes in a slide.
  • Simplified method declarations. See the Release notes for details. Old method declarations are deprecated and will be deleted in 21.6 release.

Enhancements in Version 21.2

  • New Map value of ChartTypeEnum type to manage map charts.
  • New SketchFromat property of LineFormat class.

Enhancements in Version 21.1

  • New PostSlidesDocumentFromPdf method allows creating presentations or adding slides to it using a PDF file as a source.
  • New GetSlidesSlideProperties, GetSlidesProtectionProperties, PutSlidesSlideProperties, PutSlidesProtectionProperties allow to get/set presentaion properties like slide size, orientaion, read-only etc.
  • PutSlidesDocumentFromHtml method is deprecated and will be deleted in 21.4 release. Use PostSlidesDocumentFromHtml method instead.
  • PutSlidesSlideSize method is deprecated and will be deleted in 21.4 release. Use PutSlidesProtectionProperties method instead.


All Aspose.Slides Cloud SDKs are licensed under MIT License.

How to use the SDK?

The complete source code is available in this repository folder.


To use Aspose Slides Cloud SDK for Go you need to register an account with Aspose Cloud and lookup/create App Key and SID at Cloud Dashboard. There is free quota available. For more details, see Aspose Cloud Pricing.


slides get

Sample usage

The example code below converts a PowerPoint document to PDF format using asposeslidescloud library:

        cfg := asposeslidescloud.NewConfiguration()
	cfg.AppSid = "MyClientId"
	cfg.AppKey = "MyClientSecret"
       	apiClient := asposeslidescloud.NewAPIClient(cfg)
        file, _ := ioutil.ReadFile("MyPresentation.pptx")
	r, _, _ := apiClient.SlidesApi.PostSlidesConvert(file, "pdf")
	fmt.Printf("My PDF was saved to %s", r.Name())

Aspose.Slides Cloud SDKs in Popular Languages

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Go library for communicating with the Aspose.Slides Cloud API




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