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What is it

CLI utilty for generating C code from dbc (CAN matrix) files

Build and run

Below setup works on Ubuntu 20.04 and Windows 10. You need to ensure that your system has C++ compile and builing toolchain (in my case for windows - VS Studio 2019 Community)

To build coderdbc you need to make next steps:

1 install cmake

2 download source code:

git clone coderdbc

3 goto source code directory:

cd coderdbc

4 run cmake configuration to 'build' directory:

cmake -S src -B build

5 run cmake build:

cmake --build build --config release

6 goto to build directory and run:

cd build


Call without argument will print instruction how to pass DBC file for generation

Driver functionality description

The full pack of source code (both generated and manually edited) will be looked this (presuming that the dbc driver name is "ecudb"):

 ecudb.c / ecudb.h                             (1) RO / lib

Main driver which has all dbc frames structs / pack functions / unpack functions these source
files preferably to place in lib level directory because they are RO using model and can be 
shared among few separated projects.

  ecudb-fmon.h                                 (2) RO / lib

Contains monitoring functions signatures which can be optionally called from unpack frame. 
Best option to place file beside Main driver files (1).

  ecudb-fmon.c                                 (3) app

User defined functions with diagnostic purpose. DLC, rolling, checksum errors can be handled 
automatically if specific configuration enabled. This file is user level source code.

  ecudb-config.h                               (4) app / inc*

This is application specific configuration file. If you have a few projects (applications) 
which referenced on single main driver (1,2) then each project have to have own copy of this 
configuration. Source code (1,2) includes this configuration. If a few dbc matrix is in use 
in your application then for each of (1,2) specific configuration file must be presented.

  dbccodeconf.h                                (5) app / inc

This is application specific configuration file. This file may include "CanFrame" definition,
sigfloat_t typedef and binutil macros which enables rx and tx structures allocation inside 
ecudb-binutil.c. This file must be single for application (see template dbccodeconf.h), source
code (4,6) includes this configuration.

  ecudb-binutil.c / ecudb-binutil.h            (6) RO / app

Basically this is application specific file. This driver has one function which intakes CAN
message data and calls dedicated unpacking function. Function selection based on binary search. 

  canmonitorutil.h                             (7) lib

This is lib level source code. This file is basic for all automatic monitoring functions. 
This configuration file location have to be added to project include path.


*inc - file location have to be added to project include path.


C code DBC CAN matrix generator