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etumblr: Tumblr OAuth for Emacs

This module allows to authorize an Emacs app to use Tumblr API v2. It allows to post a simple text message.


  1. Save etumblr.el in your Emacs load-path.

  2. Register your app, set callback to "http://localhost:12345/", obtain OAuth Consumer Key and Secret:


  1. Get user authorization:

    (require 'etumblr)
    (setq access-token
      (etumblr-authorize-app "OAUTH-CONSUMER-KEY" "SECRET-KEY"))

3. Upon sucess, try to post a message:

(etumblr-post-text access-token "example.tumblr.com" "Hello world!" "Sincerely yours,\n\n_Emacs_")

## Dependencies

* [oauth.el](https://github.com/psanford/emacs-oauth) by Peter Sanford to do the hard work
* [elnode.el](https://github.com/nicferrier/elnode) by Nic Ferrier to run HTTP server and receive the callback

## Distribution

Public domain