Creating some python libraries to quickly interact with's public REST API
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This is a simple project I threw together to allow quick interactions with's public REST API via python.

The JSON responses from are converted into python objects to simplify interactions. For example...

import cryptowatch.Client as cl
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np

#print a list of available markets on coinbase
for x in cl.GetMarkets("coinbase"):
    print x

#create a client which targets Coinbase's ETH-USD market
client = cl.MarketClient("coinbase", "ethusd")

#create a time plot of recent ETH-USD trades
trades = client.GetTrades()
plt.plot(*zip(*[(x.timestamp, x.price) for x in trades]))

#etc, etc

#plot the current order book

order_book = client.GetOrderBook()

bid_prices = [x.price for x in order_book.bids]
bid_sizes = np.cumsum([x.size for x in order_book.bids])
ask_prices = [x.price for x in order_book.asks if x.price < 150]
ask_sizes = np.cumsum([x.size for x in order_book.asks if x.price < 150])

ax = plt.gca()

plt.plot(bid_prices, bid_sizes, lw=1, color='green')
ax.fill_between(bid_prices, bid_sizes, interpolate=False, color='green')
plt.plot(ask_prices, ask_sizes, lw=1, color='red')
ax.fill_between(ask_prices, ask_sizes, interpolate=True, color='red')

I am in no way affiliated with