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Smithproxy is highly configurable, fast and transparent TCP/UDP/TLS (SSL) proxy written in C++17.
It uses our C++17 socket proxying library called socle.

Note: Snap and precompiled binary packages are no longer available from Russia Federation and Belarus as a response to their blatant war crimes being commited when invading Ukraine these days. For individuals from named countries: there are still sources which can be easily compiled; in the mean time seek more uncensored information!

Read fresh Release Notes to stay tuned!
To replay captured traffic, check out the sister project pplay.


  • Linux - can be installed as a service (distro packages, or easily compiled from sources)
    • Download binary linux .deb (arm64, armhf, amd64) packages and source from: https://download.smithproxy. org/
    • Download and compile directly from source (known to work: Debian, Ubuntu, Alpine, Fedora, Kali, Arch)
  • Docker - available as an image on docker hub
  • Snap - install smithproxy service as a confined snap (with some limitations)!

Core features:

  • TCP/UDP and TLS - intercept routed traffic, locally-originated traffic and SOCKS proxy requests
  • configure policy based traffic matching similar to modern firewalls
  • utilize per-policy applicable content, dns, tls, detection and authentication profiles
  • re-route traffic (DNAT) and load-balance it, stickiness based on source-IP, L3 or L4 header data
  • enjoy insightful CLI with configuration control
  • export intercepted traffic to rotated pcap files, or emitting it to remote workstation in GRE

TLS features:

  • TLS security checks (OCSP, OCSP stapling, automatic CRL download)
  • Certificate Transparency checks for outbound connections
  • HTML replacement browser warnings
  • STARTTLS support for most starttls capable protocols, including HTTP proxy CONNECT
  • Seamless HTTPS redirection to authentication portal
  • Exporting sslkeylog


  • Local and LDAP user authentication using builtin web portal (using complementary package)
  • SOCKS4/SOCKS5 explicit proxy with DNS hostname support
  • Engines: limited HTTP1 and HTTP2 support
  • DNS inspection allows FQDN policy objects, including DoH
  • Policies based on FQDN and 2nd level DNS domain
  • both IPv4 and IPv6 are supported
  • detailed debugging messages in CLI if needed


  • built-in tools to help with CA and certificate enrollment needed to run smithproxy
  • auto-enrolling portal certificate based on system IP and hostname
  • auto-detect inspection interface(s) based on system routing information
  • check pplay tool: replays captures over the network with many cool features

Support and contacts