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LESS Engine - A Java wrapper for less.js
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LESS Engine

LESS Engine provides basic access to the core LESS functionality. It's a core library that can be used for a variety of JVM based LESS applications.


The following sample demonstrates how the API can be used to parse strings and compile URL resources:

// Instantiates a new LessEngine
LessEngine engine = new LessEngine();

// Compiles a CSS string
String text = engine.compile("div { width: 1 + 1 }");

// Compiles an URL resource
String url = engine.compile(getClass().getClassLoader().getResource("META-INF/test.css"));

// Creates a new file containing the compiled content
engine.compile(new File("/Users/User/Projects/styles.less"), 
               new File("/Users/User/Projects/styles.css"));

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Build Status

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