A simple yet powerful resizer for Android Image resources
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Final Android Resizer

A simple yet powerful resizer for Android developers

I don't have time to continue improving this project. Feel free to commit changes.

I started this project because I was sick of resizing all resources for my Android projects. The Android Assets Studio gives resized images one by one and it takes forever.

There is another very similar project here but it didn't fit my needs (only accepts png, does not have all densities, one-by-one resizing)

With Final Android Resizer you are able to:

  • Select starting density
  • Select res directory, so you don't have to move the resized files
  • Resize several images at once (Drag & Drop)
  • Select output densities (ldpi, mdpi, tvdpi, hdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi, xxxhdpi)
  • Preserve the image format (jpg,png)
  • Option to select output directory (mipmap or drawable)
  • Option to select if want to overwrite file

I have not tried resizing 9patch images yet.

If you just want to download the executable jar, click here

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