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DyND-Python, a component of the Blaze project, is the Python exposure of the DyND dynamic multi-dimensional array library.

To discuss the development of this library, subscribe to the LibDyND Development List.

Python versions 2.6, 2.7, and 3.3 are supported.

Trying Out DyND

The easiest way to try it out is through the Anaconda Python distribution. The latest release of Anaconda includes a version of DyND.

For trying the latest updates, there is also an automated build configured which tracks the latest git master. When all the tests pass, it uploads conda packages to the binstar channel "mwiebe". To get these versions, you can either use a .condarc file which includes "" in its channels list, or run the following command.

conda install -c dynd-python

On windows, the .condarc file goes in the %USERPROFILE% directory. Here's an example .condarc file which includes the channel:


It may work best to install DyND into an environment instead of the main Anaconda directory. You can do this with a command like:

C:\>conda create -n dynd-env python=3.3 dynd-python numpy scipy ipython

Developing DyND

See the build and install instructions for details on building the software for environments not supported by Anaconda, or if you would like to modify or contribute to the project.